In 1968, Dimitrios Kazantzidis and his wife Soumela came to Athens from Olympiada Elassona. Bringing the industriousness of the Pontians, the passion for cleaning and human service, they settled in a refugee neighborhood of Kallithea where, despite the difficulties, they successfully maintained the dry-cleaner’s shop until their retirement in 1992.

In May 1982, the individual business, having created a very good name in the field of dry cleaning, was transformed into a general partnership with the entry of their son Christos Kazantzidis. Having completed his studies at the Mathematics Department of the University of Athens, he and two of his colleagues founded the Industrial Laundry – Carpet Cleaners under the name “Kazantzidis C. and Co. O.E.” and the distinctive title “Matrix”. At the same time, in a period of booming of Greek craftsmanship, by applying the experience of the Kazantzidis family, the company’s activities were expanded to washing, ironing, stone washing, enzymes, sandblasting, aging and other special treatments on finished garments. Customers soon became well-known and branded clothing companies, with more and more specialized requirements, giving the company a long and serious experience.
Since 1997 the company has been housed in owner-occupied premises in a five-storey industrial building of 1100m2 in Agios Dimitrios, which was built specifically for the activity of the laundry, renewing and modernizing its mechanical equipment and its specialized staff. The entry of the third generation, Danae Kazantzidou-Firtinidou, Civil Engineer, reinforced the company’s emphasis on work safety, reducing energy consumption with innovative processes and reducing pollutants, fully implementing the Community directives.


Each and every one of you is unique to us, we respect and appreciate your trust every day. It is you who develop us, who push us every day to train and seek the best solution so that we can offer the best services.
However, unable to mention each of you individually, we highlight some of our partnerships that stand out for the volume and specificity of the items entrusted to us for washing, cleaning and treatment. Some of these were achieved following public tenders.