We attach the Carpet Cleaners Association’s communication to our customers on the correct and safe choice of a legitimate carpet cleaner and laundry.

<<Dear consumers,

The “Attica” Carpet Cleaners Association, wishing to protect you, points out what you should pay attention to in terms of choosing the right carpet cleaner.

1. Entrust your carpets to a carpet cleaning company that has an Operating License from the Ministry of Industry and is a member of our Association because its members are bound by a code of ethics.

2. Carpet Cleaning is : A place where carpets are being cleaned, Harmonized to the Specifications required for the protection of Health – Property – Environment.

3. Always ask that the receipt form indicates : the Name , the Headquarters, the addresses of the branches and the VAT number of the Carpet Cleaner.

4. Always ask for the provided List of Services-Price List, so as to avoid hidden charges

5. Ask if you can visit the place where your carpets will be washed and stored. If your rugs are being washed and/or stored at a different location than the address on the brochure and/or the delivery note, you have the right to know before you deliver them.

6. We recommend that you pay close attention to both Print and Electronic Advertisements and if given the opportunity to cross check their claims. It has been observed that in several advertisements there are displayed non-existent facility photography, falsified Badges, and irrelevant training certifications ,from non-approved members of the Association.

7. Trust Innovative Businesses that invest in human resources, mechanical equipment, know-how with respect to the protection of Health – Property – Environment

Price should not be the main criterion for choosing a Carpet Cleaner. We suggest that you choose a Carpet Cleaner recommended also by your family or friends, and provided that it meets, as a whole, the above criteria. >>