Cleaning for duvets, blankets, covers, underlays, pillows

Wholesale services for dry cleaners

For three decades we have developed a lot of experience in washing duvets and blankets thanks to our cooperation with a number of dry cleaners for which we wash their customers’ items on a contract basis.

And for private persons!

We undertake the washing of duvets and pillows made of polyester, with microfibers and with natural fillings, with feathers, cotton or wool. Also cleaning of woolen, cotton and electric blankets of all dimensions as well as cleaning of removable sofa covers.

Cleaning for curtains / awnings

The different fabrics of outdoor awnings and curtains are washed and treated with care and attention. Curtains made of silk, cotton, satin, linen, embroidered fabrics or thick awnings fabrics are subject to a special treatment that preserves the colors and texture by removing marks, difficult stains and dust.

Cleaning process

The process of washing of duvets begins with the process of identifying the stains and a pre-treatment to remove them, depending on the specificity of each type. After washing and following a thorough inspection, if it is found that there are remaining stains, we contact the customer to discuss the possibility of applying more aggressive cleaning agents.
After drying, all items are packed in airtight packages offering the customer clean items full of hygiene and freshness. They are delivered with storage advices and description of the current condition.